Just checking in while watching Invasion of the Body Snatchers in my Topics in English: Science Fiction class.  Excellent class so far.  I need to finish rereading Starship Troopers and answer the question why Johnny Rico stays a soldier.  Should be fun


Well I’m off to my second physical therapy of the week, aka the place where they alternately have you exercise while they ignore you, strangely massage the area where you’ve had surgery and digging their fingers into one’s knee like it was a piece of molding clay.

Well, after a long, hectic, and insane semester, I finally have time to write again.  This semester has been insanely busy with my five classes, two of which I liked, three of which can bite me.  The two I liked ended up being from my new major, Minorities in the United States and Sociology of Religion.  The latter was a fascinating study of religion as a definite social construct and I’ll have to make a note to cover it a bit in one of my future posts.  Damn my forgetful memory.

I am eleven days out of ACL surgery.  I’d love to say that I tore it pursuing a beautiful woman but in truth I severely tore it about a month ago when sparing in Tae Kwon Do.  Percocet is a wonderful thing…  At least until the withdrawal hits. I’m off to a teacher evaluation for one of the adjunct faculty so I’ll be back on later.

Torn ACL = Not doing stuff like this for a while

Torn ACL = Not doing stuff like this for a while

Top searches

I find it funny that this is the top google search that leads to my blog:

“is neil gaiman an atheist”

Yeah…  Read American Gods and then tell me that he doesn’t have, at the very least, a serious skeptical bent.

A Riddle

Ah, here comes the end of the semester. I’m sorry that classes have drawn me away from the blog, but here I am, I’m back!

I am currently listening to my TCP-IP professor tell us the difference between Version 4 and 5 of Kerberos authentication. Hurray for the last class! Maybe I’ll be able to figure out where I’m going from here in life.

So I’ll leave you with this riddle:

What is the sound of one hand clapping?


I’m sorry for the false alarm about my return to blogging.  This semester has been killing me, I just have not been able to schedule a definite time for me to blog during the day and thus it never really happened.  A friend recently suggested that I start a blog to point out all the eclectic things I come across in my net meanderings, (she was unaware that I already had a rather stale blog that I started in the downtime of my 2008 summer internship.)  So, as soon as I fix my currently crashed computer, I am going to attempt to do just that.

Til then, En Taro Tassadar

Well, ladies and gents, I have good news. Mr. Webster Cook, who many of you may remember as being involved in the “crackergate,” incident earlier this year, has had his impeachment from the SGA senate overturned and sent back to the senate for additional review due to the charge that SGA officials violated due process in the process of his impeachment trial.

The vote on the charge of violation was 8-0-0 in favor of violation and a 7-1-0 vote to return the case back to the Senate.

Cook was impeached from the 40th Student Senate in August on the charge of misfeasance. He then appealed the decision on the basis that SGA officials did not publicly post notice of interviews with witnesses pertaining to the June 29 incident. I only hope that the insanity has died down enough for the senate to realize the inanity and stupidity of the charges.